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How to Buy

FIFA 17 Player Auction

Fifaultimateteamcoins.com now has our own automatically instant delivery system.
You can follow our tutorials to list multiple players (1-30 players) to get your target amount of coins within 0 minutes - 360 minutes.

1. Switch your currency, input the player name that you have in the blank.
2. Go to Transfer Market and list the EXACT Start Price & Buy Now Price as the system shows.
Notice: Do not refresh the page before the player is listed. Player duration shall be 3 days.

3. Come back to our site and click "Search my player".
4. Confirm the player’s Start Price, Buy Now Price and Time Remaining , then select the player.

Tips: You can repeat the steps above to list more players before checking out.

Tutorials of FIFA 17 Player Auction

Youtube Tutorials

FIFA 17 Comfort Trade

Fifaultimateteamcoins.com FIFA 17 Comfort Trade (Coins Filling) only takes 0 minutes to 360 minutes.
You should have at least 500 coins in your account and NEVER log in the account during the delivery.

1. Switch your currency, choose your console, select your target amount of coins and click "BUY NOW".
2. Enter your coupon code, input your contact email, origin email, origin password and FUT security answer.
3. First-time user will require the backup code, you can go to your origin account to get.
4. Click submit, choose your payment method and checkout.

Tutorials of FIFA 17 Coins Recharge